Here are thetop tips on how to beat Red Dead Redemption

If you're into poker, you'll be glad to hear Red Dead Redemption has just been made better with site. While it is already a fantastic game, the newly released pack of Liars and Cheats takes Red Dead Redemption to new heights. If you were not able to play in the past, here's some quick tips for conquering the title.

Red Dead Redemption is available both in Xbox360 and PS3. Here, you will shoot everything that moves - failure to do could mean your death. But like the Rockstar Games' earlier installment GTA IV, this is also a free-roaming title, meaning you can just stroll around if you get tired of all the action or have fun with Governor of poker game.

As a matter of fact, this title is so captivating you can while away your entire evening here until sunrise. Alternately, you can join a card match in the classic saloon spread in West Elizabeth, Nuevo Paraiso and New Austin, which offers No-Limit Texas Hold'Em. This is good news for all poker fans who consider No-Limit Texas Hold'Em as the best variation. The card matches here are an eclectic combination of cash tournaments. There are steady buy-ins, too. If a player runs out of chips, he can just leave the table.

The graphics here are very detailed but easy on the eyes. The best thing is all games run without any trouble. Betting is a little tedious because you need to scroll down through the numbers in finding the amount you want to place with good casino reviews. As promised, here are the ways for you to conquer Red Dead Redemption.

Play Well

Surprisingly, the built-in players here are good. They will cause you to fold several hands when you are willing to really play. There's no need to despair, however, if you're not a very good player. Eventually, you can beat them. It is just similar to small-stakes poker on the internet. The best thing to do is wait for decent hands and overbet to have the best value from the pot.

Meta Gaming

In single-player matches, you can restart any episode as often as you want. This gives you a faster way to beat the match compared to actually playing it like playing Poker Night 2. Once you win, try saving it before something bad happens. If you're in a multiplayer tournament, you can get rid of other players by literally manhandling them or intentionally let them catch you cheating.


You have to don on the Elegant suit so you can cheat. You can unlock this suit either by beating all your competitors or initiating a match. As soon as you unlock the suit, it has to be purchased from a tailor in Thieves' Landing. When you're already wearing it, a new feature is now accessible, check for casino hints. It will allow you to hide one card underneath the deck each time you deal. But in order for this to be successful, you need to win a mini-game, otherwise you will be caught.