Enjoy a laughtrip while playing at Poker Night 2

The introduction at Poker Night 2 is charming, albeit it does little to explain why the characters are there, play poker at gamerhint.com site. But there's really no need for such. Just having the mismatch combination of Borderland's Claptrap, Ash of Army of Darkness, Max's Sam and Sam, and Venture Bros.' Brock Sampson is already a great thing. It may be not be as awe-inspiring as the first Poker Night installment but it's also cool.

These characters are the foundation of Poker Night 2, meaning if you don't know about the video games they originated from, there's a chance you won't appreciate their jokes in virtual casino. Fans will have a grand time listening to Brock make green jokes regarding the Ventures and seeing Claptrap make fun of the studio that developed Borderlands 2. The biggest star in the table is its dealer GladOS. Al's jokes about the IQ of other players never disappoint. Your time at Poker Night 2 will surely be filled with chuckles and giggles.

Laughing repeatedly is great but such is not the case for repeated jokes, try playing at Calypso casino. After going through several levels, you will start to notice that some punch lines are too old and just repeated and you no longer have the choice to limit the conversation at the game's last part, a reminder that the best comedy routine can still lose its appeal if it's not updated.

In regards to the actual playing of poker, it only sets the stage for the delivery of the jokes. The competition's tough and no-limit Texas Hold'Em and Omaha are available. Unfortunately, you can't take a friend with you which is really disappointing since Poker Night 2 is on social platforms. Although you can still get some thrill from showdowns. However, this isn't the place for big tournaments with one of the oldest Windows casino.


Poker Night 2 is a reasonable place for playing together with some great characters. Yet, if the jokes begin to be repeated and you already unlocked all that you need, there isn't much to keep you in it, you may also gamble with video games. Some tables and cards that can't be unlocked are a nice touch but not enough to make up for the lack of levels and the absence of the multiplayer option. On the other hand, considering it only costs little to enjoy the jokes in the game, it is still a good title.